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Facebook Credits
The safe and easy way to buy things on Facebook
Available in your favorite games
Credits offer a quick and secure way to purchase premium items in many of your favorite free games.
We never share your financial information
When you use credits to buy premium items, the transaction is between you and Facebook. You get to spend your credits in many different games without sending your financial details to the games themselves.
Save time while you're playing
After your first payment, you can buy Facebook Credits with just a few clicks and get back to your game very quickly.
Helpful links
Facebook Credits gift cards
Now you can give your friends the gift of powered-up game play. Use our store locator to find a gift card retailer near you.Redeem Gift Card
How to get Facebook Credits
You can buy Facebook Credits within many games or by clicking the Payments tab in your account settings. We accept credit cards, PayPal, Facebook Credits gift cards or mobile phone payments. You can also earn credits through special promotions.
More information
To get updates about new games that accept credits and to receive special offers, go to the Facebook Credits Page and click Like.
Other ways to get Facebook Credits
Exchange gift cards
Walk into Stores in the Real World
Play Booyah's MyTown
Turn Your Gift Cards into Facebook Credits
Exchange gift cards for Facebook Credits with Plastic Jungle! Simply enter your gift card information, then use the prepaid label provided to mail it in. Once received and verified, your credits will be added to your account. Plastic Jungle pays out up to 92% of a gift card's balance (rate is based on brand, seasonality, etc). And, as always, you get 10 Facebook Credits for every dollar in trade-in value. For example, you get 920 Facebook Credits for a $100 Target gift card. So, don't let gift cards waste away in your sock drawer. Cash them in for Facebook Credits now!
Exchange your gift cards here
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