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New Media & The War on Gaza
Posted by: Riyaad On: Mon, 01/04/2010 - 11:28
I got called up to do an interview on Al Jazeera English today…. The topic was the role of New Media in the War on Gaza…
We have been pretty darn busy in the New Media office getting stuff
up and running for the situation in Gaza. You can follow our official Twitter stream
(@AJGaza) to stay up to date with the latest info, if you would like to
have your views heard on air, you can submit them through our new “Your Views” site for English and “​Sharek​” for Arabic…
We have a few other projects in the pipeline which we hope to rollout in the next few days…. Watch this space…
Microsoft jumps into cloud computing, competing with Amazon AWS and Google Apps
Posted by: Morad On: Mon, 01/04/2010 - 11:29
This is getting interesting, but definitely might be a little late
for Microsoft as it seems like the “company” is just chasing its
competitors tails of success.
Ray Ozzie, chief software architect @ Microsoft, has promised “2
years ago” that the next new service “Azure” will steal the spotlight
away from Google and other competitors. Basically, he was betting on
cloud computing which will bring Microsoft back to the edge. But too
late for that as Google and Amazon did beat it with “Google Apps” and
“AWS” respectively.
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