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17 Jun 2010 - 13 Jul 2012
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How does Share this by SMS work?
Share this by SMS lets you share links from the BBC Mobile website via SMS text messaging.

On some handsets Share this will open up a text message within your phone's SMS facility. This lets you access your contacts and write a message to go with the page you want to share. As this will be sent as a normal SMS from your phone, you will be charged your standard message rate.

Other phones will use a form provided on the Share this page. If you fill in your name and your friend's telephone number in the spaces provided, we'll send them a text message on your behalf, with a link to the page you want to share.

What does the BBC do with the information I provide?

Your name and your friend's telephone number will not be stored or used for any purpose other than sending the link to the telephone number you provide. For more information on the BBC's approach to privacy, please see the Privacy & Cookies Policy

What does it cost?

If Share this uses your phone's built-in SMS facility, you'll be charged your standard message rate.

If you're given the form option, we won't charge you to send the message.

However, your network operator may charge you for the amount of data you use. If you are unsure how much data costs on your tariff, please contact your network operator.

Can I opt out?

To opt out of receiving SMS text messages from the BBC's Share this service, please contact us via the Contact Us form. Please say that you want to opt out of Share this and remember to include your mobile phone number. We won't use your number for anything except stopping Share this by SMS messages being sent to your phone.

I'm not receiving any SMS text messages even though I received some earlier today - why not?

To prevent abuse of the system, we've limited the number of messages an individual can receive to three per minute and ten per day.

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What is the Share This service?
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