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Last Updated: 23 December 2011
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Hardtalk: Simon Mann
"I didn't fancy being a career soldier," the former commando on life as an international mercenary
Witness: Billy Graham
How the world's most famous evangelist began preaching internationally from London in 1954
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BizDaily: Bankers and Cowboys 23 Dec 11
Does the latest wave of financial regulation make us safer? Lesley Curwen asks Gillian Tett, Assistant Editor of the Financial Times and lawyer Tim Strong from ...
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EE.UU., entre la guerra convencional y las operaciones encubiertas
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Listen: Iraq: at least 67 dead, worst violence since August; Pakistan PM accuses military of conspiracy; should ... http://t.co/kLhT0efq
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On our global news podcast: #Baghdad hit by wave of bombings / Bizarre events in #North Korea: http://t.co/5Yl4Yfss
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