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21 Dec 2011 - 13 Jan 2015
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A matter of perception
Dec 22,2011 | 00:05
Sometimes we tend to be critical of issues before closely examining them with reason and understanding. Misconceptions relating to our driving habits are a prime example. Let me clarify.
White lines on roads were originally aid for road construction teams when laying down asphalt lanes. To avoid confusion, the lines are designed to fade away quickly with time.
After all, imagine the distraction the lines would cause when cars veer from left to right and back again across our thoroughfares, a practice demonstrating a keen and economic use of taxpayers’ asphalt: where there is space, use it. In addition, we have enough constraints in our lives as impeccable law-abiding citizens without having to be straitjacketed by road lanes as well.
Some observers comment upon cars parking on the roundabouts these days. Authorities did not take into account designs for triple parking on some roads, and so this is simply the overflow from lack of on-road parking facilities elsewhere, not to mention a succinct method of pinpointing meeting locations: “I’ll be on the 3rd Circle.” Simple.
We are also environmentally aware. Sparse use of indicators saves on lamp filaments and on battery use. I bet the whole of Europe had not thought of that one.
As for crossing red light, this is known in traffic parlance as the “dribble” effect, much like water still trickling when you close the tap. It is a natural process.
Drivers speeding at traffic lights are only doing so to make a turn further down before oncoming traffic meets them head on. That’s a timesaving tactic, that’s all. Exciting, yes, but saving time above all else.
All these are habits designed to ensure the convenience and happiness of a few; can you think of any community as thoughtful, generous and accommodating ours?
Peter Ledger,
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Too Many Requests

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