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21 Dec 2011 - 19 Mar 2013
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Maan residents gather in solidarity with former mayor
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Dec 21,2011 | 00:32
Attorney Nabil Mash’or, chairman of the Palestinian bar association, said in Amman recently that “Israel has no interest in a real peace”.
Why would one believe that Israel seeks peace with the Palestinians and the Arabs while it kills young and old, steals land, damages holy sites, destroys farms and imprisons anyone under illogical pretexts?
We, Arabs, know that Israel does not want peace, it wants the Palestinians’ land.
Former Israeli prime minister Yitzhak Rabin tried to make peace with King Hussein, but he was assassinated because he violated Zionist plans. Anyone trying to arrive at some understanding with the Palestinians is now afraid to meet the same end.
How long will this situation last? Why doesn’t the West behave honourably and take action to achieve democracy and human rights for the Palestinians? Western countries lie about the wish to install democracy in the world. They only care about certain people and countries, and the rest, according to them, do not even have the right to live.
Ahmad Sukkar,
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