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23 Dec 2011 - 26 Dec 2011
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Addiction control
Reported by Nickunj Malik | Dec 22,2011 | 21:50
I do believe that there are addictive personalities in this world. There is absolutely nothing wrong in being one, but it helps if one recognises one’s personality traits earlier on in life.
If one goes by the strict definition of addiction, it has several negative connotations associated with it. To put it in a layperson’s terms, it is an action where one consumes tobacco, alcohol, sedatives, prescription and non-prescriptive drugs, and so on, in a repetitive manner. These substances have harmful side effects on the body, but the addicts are compelled to use them anyway.
Other than smokers, alcoholics and druggies, there are other obsessive-compulsive behaviours that come under the umbrella of addiction. From shopping, eating, television watching to exercising, reading and being on the Internet, anything that is pursued with an abnormal obsession turns one into an addict.
On the face of it, this sounds as innocuous as pursuing a hobby. But the difference lies in the unnaturalness of the addictive act, which is repeated instinctively even if it is detrimental to one’s health, wealth and happiness.
There is also a sense of guilt associated with it, because addicts know that what they are doing is not right, but they do it irrespective of the consequences.
So, people who are addicted to shopping know that they do not need another pair of shoes, trousers, sunglasses or earrings. In fact, in most cases, they cannot even afford it, because it is a strain on their meagre resources, but they cannot seem to stop themselves from buying anything and everything.
All the hundreds of smokers in Amman also know that incessant smoking will be the cause of cardio-vascular disorders, poor lungs, heart diseases and premature wrinkles, but they continue to puff away their worries.
The Facebook addicts who keep updating their profiles on a five-minute basis know the futility of the empty exercise, but are constrained by their addiction and cannot seem to get a grip on themselves.
I belong to the addictive category, too. It is amazing how, despite my best intentions, I get attracted to all things that have the potential to become addictive. Smoking was something I gave up five years ago, but before that, for almost two decades I smoked like the proverbial chimney.
Now that I think back, every cigarette I lit up was only enjoyed in the first few seconds, and then I wanted it to be the last one. What I mean is I wanted to quit smoking for the entire span of my smoker life. In my head I thought I could do it whenever I wanted. But breaking an addiction is easier said than done.
I smoked when I was angry or sad. I lit up when I was with friends or when I was lonely. It could be before a meal, after a meal and in one rare instance, even during a meal.
So then, how did I manage to get smoke free? To be perfectly honest, it was my fourth attempt, and by then my family had given up on me. When I announced that I was going to become a non-smoker, nobody raised even an eyebrow. Yes, they had heard that one before, was the normal reaction.
I got addicted to proving my point, you see. Currently, not smoking is my new addiction.
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Sophie Stone says:
December 22,2011 at 2:30 pm
well written piece...always enjoy reading your work
Dr Sandhu says:
December 23,2011 at 8:43 am
Very intersting writing and very readable prose. I admire Nicku Betay your honesty and they way your overcame this habit of divorcing it for ever. Keep it up and keep writing beautiful talespin for your admirers. Love Sandhu aunty
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