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Where will my faculty web page be hosted?
Sites can either be hosted on your university server or you can reserve a private domain, for example www.NameOfLab.org. A private domain greatly simplifies updating your site and can give you more flexibility with features and content. If you opt for the annual maintenance contract, a private domain is included at no extra charge.

How will AWP gain access to my faculty web site?
With your authorization, AWP typically works directly with your system administrator.

What happens when my c.v. changes or I publish new article? How will my web pages stay current?
With an annual maintenance contract, you can make unlimited content changes to your Web pages throughout the year.

How will AWP obtain photographs of me and my researchers? How many photographs can I use on my Web pages?
You may provide AWP with as many images of you and your lab members and images from your research as you wish to include on your web pages.

How will AWP know what information to include on my web pages?
The information on your web pages will come from your c.v., your existing web-site, and any additional information you provide to AWP. Once we have completed preliminary version of your web pages you will be asked to review and correct these pages. Once you have approved your web pages they will "go live."
What are Server Side Includes (SSI)?
Server Side Includes (SSI) is a simple interpreted server-side scripting language used almost exclusively for the web. We use SSI for content that is shared among most or all of the files in a web site, such as navigation, headers, footers, search boxes, etc. This means that changes to shared content can be made to a single source which eases maintenance.
Will my site use Server Side Includes (SSI)?
Yes, if possible. If your site is university-hosted, we must first determine if SSI is supported. If not, we will use javascript that imitates SSI.
How do I get started?
To get started on your new site, we will need the following:
  • Images to use in the design of your new site's home page.
  • A list of the navigation buttons for your new site.
  • The name of your new site "Jane Doe, PhD" or "The Doe Lab" or "The Neurotransmitter Research Group", etc.
  • External links to your affiliations (i.e. your department, your college, your university, etc.)
  • Additional home page links (i.e. "Welcome", "News & Events", “Facebook”, “Twitter”, etc.)

What if I do not have any images?
We can supply images for you if you have none. We will use images from your campus, surrounding city or countryside, and royalty-free clip art images where appropriate.

Where will you get the content?
We will start by converting all content from your existing web site, if appropriate. Next we will incorporate all content that you provide to us.

How can I get my images to you?
You can send them as attachments to email messages. You can also use our upload tool. [ Upload Page ]

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