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Monday, 26 December 2011
Cairo 17-8
New movie by Amr Salama sheds light on AIDS-related stigmas but convoluted plot detracts from film's important message  
The first cinematic output covering protests in Egypt and Tunisia this year recreates the euphoria of revolutions that many thought would never happen while revealing signs of the conflicts that lay ahead

Films set at different stages of Japan's modern history offer audiences a glimpse into the Pacific nation's post-war renaissance

Mosireen releases its latest short film, El Magd Lil Shohada, honoring the martyrs of the ongoing struggle against authoritarian rule in Egypt

The brutality of the police and the complicity of political forces in Egypt find parallels in international cinema through the 1969 film Z directed by Costa-Gavras

As this week marks the anniversary of the birth of famous Egyptian actor Ahmed Zaky, critics and film-makers remember him

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