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Providing your baby with the right kind of nutrition is a key part of a healthy pregnancy. Ahram Online consults experts on nutritional tips for mothers-to-be  
High heels are known for their negative effects on bones, so for the fashion-savvy that hanker for their heels this season, Ahram Online gets advice on how to balance style and health

In Egypt despite the staggering economy and deteriorating health standards and intense pollution, smoking is on the rise. Understanding what is at stake could help kick the habit

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Regular visits to the dentist for tooth cleanings may provide more than just a brighter smile

Life is still life, even after being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, says a modern day wonder woman and a doctor who lists MS treatment to Ahram Online

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Vitamins, supplements and a host of questions; should anyone be taking them, which ones are most risky, and if you do take them, how can you pick the safest ones?

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