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24 Sep 2011 - 28 Jun 2021
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Tuesday, 27 December 2011
Cairo 17-8
The once bustling Souq Al-Selah Street lies in the heart of Islamic Cairo surrounded now by piles of refuse, as it slowly decays and slips out of the collective memory

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It is perhaps one of the most detailed, sophisticated visions of Cairo’s future to have been put together in the past thirty years or so

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On the fourth night of Samaa International Sufi Festival, members of the Pakistani Rafi Peer band create musical magic for an eager crowd

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Makan, the Egyptian Centre for Culture and Art, buzzes with the grassroots sound of the Nile Delta, featuring little seen stars

Celebrating the holy month of Ramadan, the Picasso Gallery in Zamalek features a highly unique calligraphy collection by artist Khodeir El-Borsaidy

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Legendary poet, playwright, cartoonist remains as popular as ever
Nagi Shaker, the chief designer for Al-Leila Al-Kebira, Cairo's iconic marionette theatre musical of the 1960s, speaks about his life and work
Last week Egypt lost one of its greatest and inimitable storytellers, Ramadan Khater

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