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Monday, 26 December 2011
Cairo 17-8
Developing the skills of archaeologists and sprucing up the administration of archaeological work top the agenda of the new minister of antiquities  
The Avenue of Sphinxes on Luxor’s east bank is to be partly opened in March

Twenty-four hours after his appointment as Egypt’s new antiquities minister, Mohamed Ibrahim Aly unveils his strategy to spruce up archaeology

SCA officials say museum is safe, drawing 13,000 visitors within last three days despite nearby violence

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Egypt's four year membership of the UNESCO committee expired

Employees' protest forces dismissal of the head of GEM's Supreme Committee following investigation by Supreme Council of Antiquities

The remains of a 4th century city were found at Dakhla oasis

Ten years after being put on Egypt’s heritage list, Princess Samiha's former palace - now the Great Cairo Library - is finally being renovated
Two-storey institute remains intact following weekend fire and nearby political violence; Restoration work to begin shortly
The exquisite late 19th century edifice of the Old Cataract Hotel has regained its aristocratic appearance

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