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Tuesday, 24 January 2012
Cairo 17-8
On the trail of the holy family in Egypt
Escaping King Herod, the Virgin Mary, Joseph and Jesus found safety and shelter in Egypt, a history that to this day makes Egyptians proud
The House of Arabic Singing
In the heart of Islamic Cairo, the House of Arabic Singing stands, dedicated to the revival of classical Arabic and Egyptian music and song
Garagos Handicrafts in town
The Annual exhibition of pottery and tapestry handicrafts of Garagos Artists is back in town
Made in Egypt - real Egypt
From the heart of Upper Egypt, authentic handcrafts are now on exhibition in Cairo
A sad story about one of Egypt's greatest storytellers: Ramadan Khater
Last week Egypt lost one of its greatest and inimitable storytellers, Ramadan Khater
Street Smart: Heliopolis, a walk to remember
Once a cosmopolitan Egyptian neighbourhood beholding architectural gems, a walk in Heliopolis is still inspirational
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From Cairo to Mecca: a tale of hajj celebrations
In this series, Ahram Online looks at how the Islamic practice of pilgrimage to Mecca, or hajj, has been practised by Egyptians
Folk: Hajj paintings in Arabic Edition
A seminar is held to celebrate the book of graffiti prints- an Upper Egyptian phenomenon
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Hajj: Keswa
The covering, or keswa, of the Kaaba was traditionally made in Egypt
Hajj: Songs
Ritual songs which used to accompany the sending of the cover of the Kaaba from Egypt to Mecca
Hajj: Ibrahim and Ismail
Upon seeing Hajar, Sarah sank in a sea of bewilderment
El-Faggala: Stories never told
A new exhibition brings to life the memories of residents of the once famous El-Faggala district of Cairo
Shaabi music in the limelight
El-Geneina Theatre pushes boundaries in their search for underground talents, bringing shaabi (popular) music from the streets and weddings to the stage
"Shaabi" concert at El-Geneina Theatre on Thursday
The Out of the Picture Festival will host "shaabi" (popular) music tomorrow, Thursday, 20 October
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Rediscovering Sheikh Youssef Al-Manyalawy (1847-1911)
Al-Manyalawy: Icon of Egyptian musical renaissance, master of the spiritual art of Inshad chants
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Egypt celebrates the centennial of Youssef Al-Manyalawy (1847-1911)
Three days of discussions, workshops and concerts mark the passing of a key figure in the Egyptian music renaissance
Mamluk era arms market falls into disrepair
The once bustling Souq Al-Selah Street lies in the heart of Islamic Cairo surrounded now by piles of refuse, as it slowly decays and slips out of the collective memory
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Folk: Graffiti, Egyptian-style
Like graffiti everywhere, graffiti in Egypt - especially after the revolution - expresses something unique about society
Street Smart: Cairo 2050, Guilty by design or association?
It is perhaps one of the most detailed, sophisticated visions of Cairo’s future to have been put together in the past thirty years or so
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Indian Qawwali troupe perform Samaa Sufi Festival's closing night
The annual Ramadan Samaa Sufi Festival, which began on 15 August, will see its last performance tonight by a medley of international troupes
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