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Tuesday, 24 January 2012
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Garagos Handicrafts in town
The Annual exhibition of pottery and tapestry handicrafts of Garagos Artists is back in town
Amira Noshokaty , Tuesday 13 Dec 2011
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Once again the talented young artists of Garagos village in Luxor will showcase their work in the annual exhibition held at the premises of The Holy Family College in Cairo.
The exhibition, held between 16-22 December, beholds handpainted pottery ornaments that range in shades of blue and green, with their signature illustrations of fish and birds. The tapestry products behold bright colours as well that reflects the vivid natural scenes of Upper Egypt
We encourage you to enjoy this annual authentic artistic occassion to the full.
Garagos Annual exhibition
The Holy Family College, 151 Ramsis Street, Fagalla
Daily from 16 to 22 December
From 10am to 10pm

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