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Monday, 26 December 2011
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Who’s afraid of the Brotherhood?
Mona Anis

Last week’s looming confrontation between Egypt’s ruling military council and the Muslim Brotherhood seems to have been averted, for now

The return of the ballot box is not enough
Samer Soliman

Holding free and fair elections is a great achievement, but Egypt also needs a strong opposition and a parliament that represents all sections of society

The elections' three questions
Ibrahim El-Houdaiby

Voters were asked three questions on Election Day - about the country's future, about revolutionary legitimacy, and about the thorny issue of Egypt's identity

Scenarios for Egypt's future
Abdel Moneim Said

The implications of this week's landmark parliamentary vote cannot be determined until elections are over

National salvation government for Egypt's January revolution
Taha Abdel Alim

The ruling military council should hand the political burden of navigating Egypt's transition to democracy to a broad based national salvation government

Elections and their discontents
Mona Anis

Can this week's elections restore the mood of optimism that reigned in Egypt after the January Revolution?

Vote and protest for the revolution
Ibrahim El-Houdaiby

Elections alone will not secure the Egyptian revolution; protest has its place too

Discrimination rears its ugly head again
Curtis Doebbler

When developed countries demand equal action from developing states on emissions cuts, they perpetuate the spoils of 200 years of exploitation


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