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15 Nov 2009 - 11 Feb 2021
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38 Haitian Migrants Die in Boating Accident Near Cuba
Cuba says civil defense forces rescued 87 others; search under way for more possible victims
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US 'Disappointed' Cuba Will Not Release American Prisoner
US deplores fact Cuba didn't include Alan Gross in humanitarian release, 'especially in light of his deteriorating health'
Cuba to Pardon 2,900 Prisoners
Country's supreme governing body will free prisoners for humanitarian reasons, including some convicted of crimes against state
Nicaragua Files Proceedings Against Costa Rica Over Road Project
Nicaragua files suit at UN's highest court, seeking to stop building of road along banks of San Juan River separating the two countries
For Some, Learning English is Business
Foreigners hoping to score better jobs, business deals travel to US to beef up English skills
FIFA 'Concerned' About Brazil's 2014 World Cup
Soccer’s world governing body raises questions about country’s readiness to host prestigious tournament
'Carlos the Jackal' Sentenced to Life in Prison
Judge says 62-year-old, whose real name is Ilich Ramirez Sanchez, must serve at least 18 years of life sentence
Venezuela Extradites Drug Kingpin to US
Maximiliano Bonilla Orozco, who had a $5 million bounty on his head, is accused of shipping tons of cocaine to the US
Lori Berenson Arrives in US
American Lori Berenson spent 15 years in Peruvian jail for helping Marxist insurgents
US Report Finds Human Research Subjects Enjoy Adequate Protection
The head of presidential commission says 'what happened in Guatemala in the 1940s could not happen today'
UN Appeals for $7.7 Billion in Emergency Aid
Beneficiary countries include DRC, Somalia, Haiti, Philippines, Yemen and the occupied Palestinian territory
China: Canada's Kyoto Protocol Withdrawal 'Regrettable'
Ottawa's move comes days after climate-change negotiators met to hammer-out global deal in Durban, South Africa
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