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December 27, 2011
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Photo: AP
China, South Korea Hold Talks on North
China's vice foreign minister Zhang Zhijun is in Seoul for the first round of formal strategy talks
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New North Korean Leader Meets Key South Korean Delegation
China, Japan Urge Stability on Korean Peninsula
Japan Asks China For Help on North Korea
Pakistani Cricket Star Finds New Political Credibility
Former cricket hero Imran Khan emerges as a serious challenger to the ruling Pakistan Peoples Party in 2013 national elections
Pakistan: NATO Supply Route Could Reopen for a Price
Pakistani defense minister says high volume of heavy traffic has damaged the country’s road infrastructure over the last 10 years
Conspiracy Warnings Fly on Anniversary of Bhutto Assassination
Asif Ali Zardari called on 'democratic forces and patriotic Pakistanis' to foil conspiracies 'against democracy'
Indian Activist Anna Hazare Begins New Hunger Strike
India's anti-corruption activist launched a three-day hunger strike calling the a anti-graft legislation bill 'toothless'
China Defends Human Rights Record
Critics say that human rights suffered a setback in China this year, following a series of high-profile prosecutions
New North Korean Leader Meets Key South Korean Delegation
Kim Jong Un accepts the widow of former S. Korean President Kim Dae-jung and others who came to North to pay condolences
South Korean Civilian Delegations Head North for Kim Funeral
Two small delegations were accompanying widows of central figures from South Korea's 'Sunshine Policy' era
Japanese FM Assures Burmese Icon of Full Support
Koichiro Gemba meets with Burmese democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi, wants her, leaders of new civilian government to attend summit
Panel Slams Japan Government, Power Company for Nuclear Disaster
Panel says TEPCO fails to develop a plan to encounter predicted tsunami, govt' fails to release critical information about radiation
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