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December 26, 2011
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Iraq Struggles to Create Jobs and Wealth
Despite its remarkable oil wealth, the country is beset by high unemployment, war damage and the lingering effects of sanctions
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Suicide Attack in Baghdad Kills 6
Biden Calls Iraqi Leaders, Urges Dialogue to Resolve Political Crisis
US Iraq Forces Home For Good
Crumbling Infrastructure Slows Iraqi Growth
Congress Passes Payroll Tax Cut to End Political Standoff
With many members already out of town for holidays, chambers approved legislation in brief morning sessions
US Money Transfers to Somalia at Risk
Last week, small US bank said it would stop wiring cash to companies in Somalia because it feared violating US counter-terrorism laws
S. Korean Economy Strong Despite North's Transition
Seoul is taking steps to shore up economy and reassure investors, and so far it appears to be working
For Some, Learning English is Business
Foreigners hoping to score better jobs, business deals travel to US to beef up English skills
Economic Turbulence Forecast for 2012
Europe's debt crisis, the slowdown in China and U.S. spending cuts pose a serious challenges for policy makers
European Central Bank Lends Massive Amount to 17 Nations
523 banks will receive three-year loans amounting to $638 billion in hopes of limiting debt crisis
Social Media Impacts Retailer Decisions
Customers make their feelings known through online campaigns
US Illegal Immigrants, Mass Deportations Face New Scrutiny
Review comes as lawmakers in more US states are passing tough anti-immigration laws
High School Dropout Hits It Big on the Internet
Mazyar Kazerooni started his first Internet company while he was still in high school
American Girl Doll Store Sells Innocence and Mothers Are Buying
American Girl, which sells dolls, books and accessories, does not seem to be feeling pinch of a tight economy
Economic Worries Spark French-British Tensions
Poor economies are straining EU ties, fueling debate that Europe must either unite fiscally or face prospect of eurozone breakup
UN Issues Dire Warning About World Economy
UN economist Heiner Flassbeck urges nations to embrace policies that stimulate growth, rather than deficit-cutting steps
Beer Gets a Seasonal Twist on Taste
American brewers fill stores with special winter varieties
Eurozone Finance Chiefs Fall Short on Bailout Fund
Money could be needed to rescue Italy, Spain if they default on their debts
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