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December 26, 2011
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Pope Prays For Peace in Christmas Message
Pope Benedict calls for end to bloodshed in Syria, urges full reconciliation, stability in Iraq and Afghanistan
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Chinese Goods Top Christmas Wish List In Cameroon
Bethlehem Celebrates a Peaceful Christmas
Pilgrims Flock to Bethlehem to Celebrate Christmas
Massive Russian Protest Poses Growing Challenge to Putin
Demonstrators shout for new elections; organizers say crowd reached 100,000 people, exceeding numbers at Moscow rally two weeks ago
Russia's Protest Movement Faces Key Test Saturday
Success of mass rally will be pivotal in determining if opponents of Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin can affect March 4 vote
Czechs, World Leaders Bid Farewell to Vaclav Havel
Vaclav Havel was president of Czechoslovakia from 1989 to 1992, and leader of the Czech Republic from 1993 to 2003
Finnish Authorities Find 69 Missiles Aboard Ship
Patriot missiles found on ship owned by Danish company during a search of at the Finnish port of Kotka
Turkey Imposes Sanctions for French Genocide Bill
French parliament passes bill that will make it a criminal offense to deny Ottoman Turkey committed genocide against Armenians
Turkey Blocks Web Pages Touting Darwin's Evolution Theory
Issue exemplifies concerns by academics that ideas of Darwin increasingly are being undermined by the Islamic-rooted government
Turkey Accuses France of Genocide
Ankara responds angrily to French parliamentary vote making it a crime to publicly deny as genocide Ottoman era killings of Armenians
Ahead of Huge Moscow Protest, Medvedev Offers Reform
Russian president supports easing registration requirements for political parties and presidential candidates
France Approves Armenian Genocide Bill
Turkey has warned of "grave consequences" to economic, political relations if law were to pass
Economic Turbulence Forecast for 2012
Europe's debt crisis, the slowdown in China and U.S. spending cuts pose a serious challenges for policy makers
Soviet Collapse Altered Ongoing World Power Balance
Experts say 20 years later, Russian leaders must choose between power grab or becoming constructive global partners
Lockerbie Bomber Says New Evidence Will Clear His Name
Abdel Baset al-Megrahi claims innocence, asks to spend remaining days in peace with family
For Some, Learning English is Business
Foreigners hoping to score better jobs, business deals travel to US to beef up English skills
Putin Ally Elected Speaker of Russia's Duma
Move comes despite opposition assertions lower house of parliament was elected in fraudulent poll
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