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07 Mar 2011 - 30 Jun 2012
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December 26, 2011
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Middle East In Transition
Activists: Syrian Violence Kills 13 in Homs Region
Violence comes a day before Arab League observers are scheduled to visit the city to monitor government compliance
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Head of Arab League Mission Reaches Syria
Arab League Advance Team Arrives in Syria
11 Killed in Syria Ahead of Arab League Team Arrival
Syrian Opposition Urges UN to Act After 'Massacre'
Head of Arab League Mission Reaches Syria
A group of 50 more monitors is expected to arrive Monday
Pope Prays For Peace in Christmas Message
Pope Benedict calls for end to bloodshed in Syria, urges full reconciliation, stability in Iraq and Afghanistan
Yemen's Saleh Promises to Visit US
Saleh promised to leave his country for US, hours after security forces loyal to him shot, killed nine opposition protesters
Syria Says 44 Killed in Twin Bombings
State TV reports two bombers used vehicles packed with explosives to attack a pair of state security facilities in Damascus.
Egyptians Rally Against Ruling Military Council
Rally, dubbed 'Friday of regaining honor,' follows a week in which at least 17 anti-government protesters were killed
Syria Blames al-Qaida for Double Car Bombings in Damascus
Bombs were set off in front of the intelligence headquarters in the Damascus suburb of Kfar Sousa
Arab League Advance Team Arrives in Syria
Firsts observers come as death toll mounts to reported 250 people since Monday after crackdown on opposition unrest
Continuing Crisis Hampers Yemen Transitional Government
United Nations officials describe situation as highly fragile, with a number of areas in the hands of government opponents
11 Killed in Syria Ahead of Arab League Team Arrival
Opposition officials say 9 civilians were killed during security force raids in the Homs region, 2 others died in Idlib
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How, if at all, should countries supportive of the Syrian opposition assist them in their quest to dislodge the government of Bashar al-Assad?
 Create a buffer zone on the Syria-Turkey border
 Establish a no-fly zone above Syria
 Just continue enforcing existing sanctions
 Refrain from all interference – let Syrians resolve on their own
 Not sure
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