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December 26, 2011
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Israel - Palestinians
Photo: AP/Majdi Mohammed, Pool
Bethlehem Celebrates a Peaceful Christmas
It was the biggest turnout in more than a decade thanks to a long lull in West Bank violence
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Chinese Goods Top Christmas Wish List In Cameroon
Pope Prays For Peace in Christmas Message
Christmas Day Bombings Sweep Nigeria, At Least 39 Dead
US First Lady Helps Children Track Santa
Pilgrims Flock to Bethlehem to Celebrate Christmas
Israel Tries Tougher Stance Against Right-Wing Jewish Violence
Warning comes amid rising violence by Jews angry at Israel's removal of non-sanctioned West Bank settlements
UN Security Council Divided Over Israeli Settlements
US, European members differ over condemnation of settlements
Stalemate Marks Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process in 2011
Political uncertainties made 2011 a year of stalemate in Israeli-Palestinian peace process
Israel Releases 550 Palestinian Prisoners
Second stage of deal with Hamas that brought home Israeli army Sergeant Gilad Shalit after five years of captivity in Gaza Strip
Hamas Marks 24th Anniversary
During speech commemorating occasion, prime minister vows to continue resistance until end of Israel's occupation
UN Appeals for $7.7 Billion in Emergency Aid
Beneficiary countries include DRC, Somalia, Haiti, Philippines, Yemen and the occupied Palestinian territory
Palestinian Flag Raised over UNESCO HQ
Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas says he will continue to push for full UN membership after this symbolic victory
Palestinians Slam Remarks by US Presidential Candidate
Leading Republican candidate Newt Gingrich stirs controversy after calling Palestinians 'invented people'
Panetta to Israel: 'Get to the Damn Table' for Peace Talks
Top US defense official is warning Israel it cannot afford to further isolate itself from Arab neighbors in the Middle East.
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How, if at all, should countries supportive of the Syrian opposition assist them in their quest to dislodge the government of Bashar al-Assad?
 Create a buffer zone on the Syria-Turkey border
 Establish a no-fly zone above Syria
 Just continue enforcing existing sanctions
 Refrain from all interference – let Syrians resolve on their own
 Not sure
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