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December 27, 2011
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The Year in Pictures
VOA takes a visual tour of the events that defined the year 2011
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GalleriesPublish Date
The Year in Pictures20-12-2011
Wave of Christmas Explosions Rocks Nigeria26-12-2011
Russia Protests, Dec. 24, 2011 24-12-2011
Vaclav Havel, former Czech leader, dies at 7521-12-2011
"Fracking", a Way to Extract Natural Gas, Stirs Debate23-12-2011
NASA's GRAIL Mission to Enter Next Phase26-12-2011
Egyptian Protesters React to Current Political Situation21-12-2011
Thai Clinic Offers Health Care for Burmese Refugees20-12-2011
North Korea’s Kim Lies in State20-12-2011
Egyptian security forces clashed again with protesters in Cairo's Tahrir Square on Tuesday.19-12-2011
Reaction to Kim Jong Il's Death19-12-2011
North Korean Leadership Through the Years19-12-2011
US Troops Leave Iraq18-12-2011
Social Unrest Across China in 201116-12-2011
Thai Protesters at US Embassy in Bangkok16-12-2011
Egypt Holds Second Phase of Elections14-12-2011
Protesters Occupy U.S. Ports13-12-2011
Russians Protest for Democracy11-12-2011
Deadly Fire in Kolkata, India09-12-2011
Perm, Russia 08-12-2011
Events Leading up to the Collapse of the Soviet Union08-12-2011
Soviet Troops Withdrawal from Afghanistan 08-12-2011
Security in Iraq on the Ashura Holiday07-12-2011
Moscow Election Protests Draw Thousands‎ 06-12-2011
Chinese Culture in Burma05-12-2011
Life in Rangoon05-12-2011
Laurent Gbagbo's Trial in the Hague05-12-2011
Stars Converge on Washington for the Kennedy Center Honors05-12-2011
Russia Holds Elections Amid Complaints of Fraud04-12-2011
Christmas Tree Lights Around the World02-12-2011
World AIDS Day01-12-2011
Aung San Suu Kyi, Burma's Longtime Pro-Democracy Leader 30-11-2011
Historic Vote in Egypt Continues for 2nd Day29-11-2011
Protesters Storm British Embassy in Iran29-11-2011
Archaeological Sites in Italy Threatened by Economic Crisis28-11-2011
Egypt Votes28-11-2011
Egypt Muslim Brotherhood27-11-2011
DRC Landmark Election27-11-2011
Egypt Protests Continue as Military Warns Crisis Must End27-11-2011
NASA's Mars Rover25-11-2011
Violence Breaks Out in Yemeni Capital Despite Signing of Transfer of Power24-11-2011
Protests Continue in Egypt's Tahrir Square24-11-2011
Events leading to Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh Agreeing to Transfer Power23-11-2011
GOP Debate23-11-2011
Crisis Deepens in Cairo as Activist Call for More Rallies22-11-2011
Gabon Prepares to Host African Nations' Cup 21-11-2011
Egyptian Protests in Tahrir Square20-11-2011
Occupy Wall Street Protesters18-11-2011
Syria: Images from Inside18-11-2011
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Exhibit Salutes Children's Author Who Introduced Minority Characters

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