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December 27, 2011
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How, if at all, should countries supportive of the Syrian opposition assist them in their quest to dislodge the government of Bashar al-Assad?
Create a buffer zone on the Syria-Turkey border
26% (229)
Establish a no-fly zone above Syria
29% (257)
Just continue enforcing existing sanctions
16% (142)
Refrain from all interference – let Syrians resolve on their own
38% (330)
Not sure
7% (66)
Total Votes : 1024
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With Islamist parties looking poised to garner an absolute majority in Egypt’s next parliament, how likely is Sharia law to become the basis for the country’s new Constitution?06-12-2011
Will Arab League sanctions against Syria, including a freeze on trade and investment, force President Bashar al-Assad to change course in his crackdown on dissent?29-11-2011
To quell the latest unrest, do you think Egypt’s military rulers will relinquish power in favor of a civilian caretaker government?22-11-2011
Could mass army defections in Syria mark a turning point in the country's anti-government uprising?16-11-2011
What do you think were President Bashar al-Assad’s intentions when he agreed to an Arab League proposal to halt the ongoing crackdown against protesters in Syria?08-11-2011
Do you support the decision of UNESCO member countries to accept the Palestinians into the U.N. body?31-10-2011
How do you think Libya’s Moammar Gadhafi did die?24-10-2011
What is your position on the swap of one Israeli soldier for more than a thousand Palestinian prisoners, some of whom were found to be complicit in serious crimes, including suicide bombings?17-10-2011
The organizers of "Occupy Wall Street" in the United States say they were inspired by the Arab Spring protesters. Is there anything that the U.S. movement lacks that Arab Spring activists have had?10-10-2011
In Bahrain, medics were sentenced for treating people later accused of attempting to overthrow the government. If medics are expected to treat anyone, were these sentences fair?03-10-2011
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