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MB official says constitution wont be set by parliament majority but via ‎consensus ‎
Muslim Brotherhood Spokesperson Mahmoud Ghazlan confirms constituent assembly and government will represent all sectors of society and not just parliament majority party
Ahram Online, Monday 26 Dec 2011
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Muslim Brotherhood official spokesperson Mahmoud Ghazlan
Muslim Brotherhood will not nominate a presidential candidate: spokesman
Muslim Brotherhood’s official spokesperson Mahmouf Ghazlan announced in a statement released on Friday that the process for drafting Egypt’s new constitution should be conducted very carefully so that no one can appeal against its legitimacy, adding that all political forces in society have to be involved.
Gahzlan confirmed that the majority party in parliament cannot draft the constitution but all sectors of society need to be involved and represented in the constituent assembly.  
He added that certain principles in the 1971 constitution need not be changed such as the first four articles of the constitution, which may only need minor amendments.  
Ghazlan said that whether the system should be parliamentary or presidential remains debatable.
Ghazlan further elaborated that it remains unclear whether the MB would form the government being the majority party in parliament, and that the old constitution states that such an authority is reserved for the president. However, he confirmed that, either way, the government has to be formed through the consensus of different political forces in society.
Ghazlan confirmed that the coming parliament intends to put ministry of interior members implicated in recent violent clashes.

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