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Monday, 09 January 2012
Cairo 17-7
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After a month-long pause, following clashes in downtown Cairo between security forces and protesters, El-Fan Midan (Arts Square) returns, Saturday, 7 January  
Researchers, scholars and activists explore the sea as a site of power and resistance, looking also at the Gaza Flotilla

Following an extensive renovation project costing LE37 million, the Hanaguer Theatre now includes new gallery spaces, theatres and a 3D cinema

Is one of the consequences of the revolution going to be limited freedom of expression and creativity in Egypt? As the Islamists sideline the liberals, the ball is in the miltary's court?

2011 was not easy on the arts scene. Many renowned artists, painters, filmmakers, actors and singers passed away, many of them too young

Ahram Online talks to Shaker Abd El-Hamid, the newly appointed minister of culture, about challenges and pressures facing the ministry in these turbulent times

Mohamed Abla’s artwork commenting on December's violent attacks on peaceful protesters hits Facebook in an online exhibition
German artists Gabriela Goronzy, Thomas Kleine, and Ilka Vogler explore identity through visual art at Mashrabia Art Gallery
Ahram Online talks to Turkish photographer Murat Germen about his amazing Muta-Morphosis series - which includes depictions of Cairo - and how photography can change the world

Set against backdrop of Lebanese civil war, Nadine Labaki's 'Where Do We Go Now?' is a flawed but enjoyable film
Ever since the beginning of the Syrian revolution many artists have been brutally attacked; actor Jalal Al-Taweel is the latest victim
Kazeboon initiatives to screen footage of violations by security forces and the army against protesters gains momentum, and is met with resistance from the military rulers and its supporters

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