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BOOK REVIEW: 'American Sniper'
By Joshua Sinai - Special to The Washington Times
”One shot, one kill” is the creed of military snipers. For those in elite warfare units such asthe U.S. Navy SEALs, the additional skill of being able to quietly infiltrate an enemy’s area undetected in order to deliver precision fire is mandatory. Working in proximity to where adversaries are operating, and being expected to survive in order to be deployed to additional firefights, is a given. Published January 13, 2012 Comments
BOOK REVIEW: ‘How It All Began’
With December’s announcement of Britain’s 2012 New Year Honors List, Booker Prize-winning author Penelope Lively was made a dame. But while the vaunted honor celebrates the prolific writer’s “services to literature,” her just-released novel, “How it All Began,” seals the deal. Published January 13, 2012 Comments
BOOK REVIEW: ‘The Table Comes First’
By Aram Bakshian Jr. - Special to The Washington Times
The venerable New Yorker magazine is a bit like Gaulstown House, the ramshackle Irish country seat of George Rochfort, immortalized in verse by his friend, the poet Jonathan Swift: It is just half a blessing, and just half a curse - / I wish then, dear George, it were better or worse. Published January 13, 2012 Comments
BOOK REVIEW: ‘Eight Pieces of Empire’
By Joseph C. Goulden - Special to The Washington Times
Lawrence Sheets is a foreign correspondent whose bravery exceeds one’s comprehension. For two decades, he risked death covering the violent chaos that followed the collapse of the Soviet Union. The multiple “wars” he covered were not set-piece battles but disorganized carnage by guerrillas and remnants of national armies that smashed cities throughout the old USSR and slaughtered uncountable thousands of people. He survived. And he has produced some of the most gripping war correspondence I have ever read. Published January 11, 2012 Comments
BOOK REVIEW: ‘Reefs and Shoals’
By Philip Kopper - Special to The Washington Times
Check the log, shipmate: Dewey Lambdin has left Alexander Kent and C.S. Forester hull-down in an ocean of words and is closing on Patrick O’Brian as the most prolific historical novelist to celebrate a Royal Navy mariner during the age of sail. Published January 10, 2012 Comments
BOOK REVIEW: ‘Money in a Free Society’
By Robert VerBruggen - Special to The Washington Times
In early 2009, two of President Obama’s economic advisers predicted that a stimulus package could keep American unemployment below 8 percent. Needless to say, that hasn’t panned out. There’s now a bipartisan consensus that the administration’s stimulus efforts didn’t work. Published January 9, 2012 Comments
BOOK REVIEW: ‘Prince Philip’
By Priscilla S. Taylor - Special to The Washington Times
Is there anything left to say about Prince Philip to justify yet another royal biography? Well, yes, if you write as well as Philip Eade, who originally was attracted to Philip’s life story because of their mutual interest in unidentified flying objects - an interest Philip also shared with his uncle-mentor Lord Louis “Dickie” Mountbatten. Published January 6, 2012 Comments
BOOK REVIEW: 'Kill Alex Cross'
By Muriel Dobbin - Special to The Washington Times
It begins with darkness and murder. A young woman is brutally stamped to death by a teenager, and the most bitter irony is that she is the wrong woman. Denise Mina usually writes on the dark side, and she has perhaps outdone herself this time in a tragic study of the young and their sometimes cruel parents. Published January 6, 2012 Comments
BOOK REVIEW: 'Blue Nights'
By John Greenya - Special to The Washington Times
In 2005, Joan Didion published "The Year of Magical Thinking," a masterful and very sad account of her grief over the sudden death of her husband of 40 years, writer John Gregory Dunne, on the second-to-last day of 2003. Published January 4, 2012 Comments
BOOK REVIEW: 'Holidays in Heck'
By Jeremy Lott - Special to The Washington Times
Patrick Jake "P.J." O'Rourke is often called a humorist, but the term has become a stretch. I bet he's sick of it by now. Sure, he writes many things that make you laugh, but he rarely writes just for laughs. One reason for this is his aging audience. Mr. O'Rourke used to be the managing editor of National Lampoon and foreign affairs gonzo for Rolling Stone. Published January 3, 2012 Comments
BOOK REVIEW: 'Freedom Betrayed'
By James E. Person Jr. - Special to The Washington Times
A decade after he was turned out of office by Franklin Delano Roosevelt, America's 31st president, Herbert Hoover, paused to take stock of the nation and its place in the world. Published January 2, 2012 Comments
BOOK REVIEW: 'Satrapi'
By Jeremy Lott - Special to The Washington Times
It's funny how words or drawings separately can garner so much respect but combined are considered kid stuff. Novels, biographies and histories are showered with accolades and awards. Paintings and sketches are the stuff of serious study. But combine words directly with drawings and you have comics. Separate them only slightly and you have children's books. Published December 30, 2011 Comments
BOOK REVIEW: 'Chanel: Couture and Industry'
By Martin Rubin - Special to The Washington Times
There has been a plethora of books about Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel, most of them proving the obvious: that she was a horrible human being, a vicious anti-Semite, certainly a Nazi collaborator, perhaps even an active spy for them, a ruthless cutthroat in her business affairs. Mixed in with all these weightier matters are loads of good old-fashioned gossip. Published December 30, 2011 Comments
BOOK REVIEW: 'Newspaper Titan'
By Marion Elizabeth Rodgers - Special to The Washington Times
A serious biography of Eleanor Medill "Cissy" Patterson was long overdue. During the 1940s, she was part of the "royal family of American journalism." A descandent of abolitionistJoseph Medill, owner of the Chicago Tribune, sister of Joe Medill Patterson of the New York Daily News and cousin to Col. Robert R. McCormick of the Chicago Tribune, she outshone them all with her flamboyance, grit and intelligence. Published December 30, 2011 Comments
BOOK REVIEW: 'Core of Conviction'
By Reviewed by W. James Antle III -Special to The Washington Times
This summer, Michele Bachmann unexpectedly surged to the front of the Republican presidential field. The Minnesota congresswoman became the leading conservative alternative to Mitt Romney ahead of the first-in-the-nation Iowa caucuses. Published December 30, 2011 Comments
BOOK REVIEW: 'Hemingway's Boat'
By Marion Elizabeth Rodgers - Special to The Washington Times
In 1987, The Washington Post published a three-part series on the sons of Ernest Hemingway, written by then-staff writer Paul Hendrickson. During the intervening decades and several books later, the Hemingways continued to germinate in the author's mind. Published December 29, 2011 Comments
BOOK REVIEW: 'Being George Washington'
By Wes Vernon - Special to The Washington Times
The life story of George Washington is "a miracle." After all, Glenn Beck asks, what other mortal "can lay claim to a legacy that has allowed so many to experience freedom around the world?" Published December 28, 2011 Comments
BOOK REVIEW: 'Admiral Nimitz'
By Vice Adm. Robert F. Dunn - Special to The Washington Times
Brayton Harris' "Admiral Nimitz" is the easy-to-read story of the career of the nation's foremost Navy flag officer of the 20th century. Mr. Harris has done an admirable job of condensing a long and colorful career into a mere 256 pages. Published December 26, 2011 Comments
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