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Source: Baghdad ISX
Tue / 17 January 2012
15/01/2012 22:18:00
Baghdad (NINA) – Leader of Ahrar Parliamentary bloc, Baha al-Araji, said that during the Preparatory Meeting, his bloc submitted a request to President Talabani for Iraqiya slate to resume attending Parliament and cabinet meetings. In a statement   ... more>>
15/01/2012 21:13:00
Baghdad (NINA) – Law maker from Iraqiya slate and the slate’s negotiator, Salman al-Jumaily, said, “The Preparatory meeting held on Sunday at President Talabani’s residence, stressed the importance of holding the National Conference to be the beginni   ... more>>
15/01/2012 16:19:00
Baquba (NINA) - MP Nahida Al Daini from the Iraqiya Slate said "the tension and estrangement between the political blocs allowed foreign countries to intervene in the Iraqi affairs," without naming the external countries. She told NINA reporter to   ... more>>
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Baghdad for Packing Materials7.28-11.11
Al-Khair for Financial Investment0.550.6-9.09
Al-Ameen for Insurance1.281.34-4.69
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Baghdad Soft Drinks1.691.595.92
Dar Al-Salam for Insurance3.533.345.38
Photo Gallery
17/01/2012 10:25:00
Breaking news . Five policemen killed in Anbar.
17/01/2012 09:38:00
MP : Criticizes what he calls double standard of Iraqi government regarding Turkish policy toward Iraq.
16/01/2012 23:25:00
13 Wanted, suspects arrested in Salah al-Deen province
16/01/2012 23:02:00
UAE decides to abolish Iraq’s debts to it
16/01/2012 23:01:00
BREAKING NEWS Pollutant radioactive instrument falls in a Bazirgan oil field well east of Amara
16/01/2012 21:13:00
Baghdad Governor: American Ambassador apologized for the incident of American armed persons
16/01/2012 18:19:00
Victims of Hilla car bomb explosion rise to 20
16/01/2012 18:19:00
Policeman injured in an attack by silenced guns, southwestern Baghdad
16/01/2012 18:11:00
KDP names Neijarvan Barzani for the Kurdistan Regional Government Premiership
16/01/2012 17:56:00
Abtan demands the government to find serious solutions to reduce security breaches
16/01/2012 16:42:00
Arresting antiquities smuggling gang in Basra
16/01/2012 16:42:00
Awadi: the NA will not allow handling Hashimi’s case in the National Conference
16/01/2012 15:05:00
Nujeifi discusses with Japanese Ambassador strengthening economic, trade ties
16/01/2012 15:04:00
Nujeifi, Australian Ambassador discuss bilateral relations and ways of enhancing them
16/01/2012 14:40:00
Basra studies mechanism for initiating the establishment of the new Basra cities; first and second
16/01/2012 14:40:00
Maliki discusses with Arab Ambassadors developments in the region, Arab world
16/01/2012 13:37:00
1125 lawyer and jurists condemns harmful exercises against residents of Camp Ashraf .
16/01/2012 13:07:00
Three civilians wounded in Hilla.
16/01/2012 12:44:00
Ministry of Foreign Affairs summons Turkish ambassador expressing concern from recent remarks made by Turkish officials .
16/01/2012 12:22:00
Salim Aljoburi : preliminary meeting for the National Conference not at the required level.
16/01/2012 11:53:00
Policeman injured when in Kirkuk .
16/01/2012 11:22:00
M P , Alwani accused Iran of involvement in bombings, which recently affected a number of Iraqi provinces.
16/01/2012 11:03:00
Mohsen Saadoun: U. N adopts international standards in dealing with Camp Ashraf case .
16/01/2012 10:46:00
Breaking news . 15 civilians killed and wounded in a car bomb in Mosul.
15/01/2012 22:30:00
Soldier killed, 3 wanted captured in Mosul
15/01/2012 22:18:00
Araji affirms that Ahrar bloc submitted a request to the Preparatory Meeting for Iraqiya to resume attending Parliament, cabinet meetings
15/01/2012 22:12:00
Talabani arrives in Germany
15/01/2012 21:13:00
Jumaily: Preparatory meeting stresses necessity for holding National Conference being a start of post American withdrawal era
15/01/2012 20:09:00
Turkish artillery resumes bombing border villages in Kurdistan region
15/01/2012 19:55:00
Barham Saleh, Turkey’s Foreign Undersecretary discuss Iraq’s political situation
15/01/2012 19:20:00
Jafari, Turkey’s Ambassador discuss means to consolidate bilateral cooperation
15/01/2012 18:41:00
2 Civilians wounded in car bomb explosion northern Babil
15/01/2012 18:36:00
Mortar shells fall on western Mosul
15/01/2012 18:29:00
BREAKING NEWS Talabani leaves for Germany to undergo medical checkup
15/01/2012 18:12:00
Barazani, Geagea discuss current political situation in Iraq, Lebanon
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