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Thursday 19, January 2012
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El-Baradei to lead revolution
The National Forces Union has called out for politicians and political activists to gather tomorrow at 5:30 pm at the Culture Wheel to discuss the latest developments and elect Mohamed El-Baradei as leader of the revolution.   Read More
Mohamed Selim Al-Awa: Fall of army is defeat of Egypt
“The fall of the army will mean the defeat of the entire nation,” Presidential candidate Mohamed Selim Al-Awa said, adding, “The SCAF is not incompetent, however it is not trained to deal with civilians - the police is responsible for that.”   Read More
FJP to launch Presidential campaign for Mansour Hassan
The Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) and other political forces are considering the nomination of Mansour Hassan, head of the SCAF’s Advisory Council, as president, reported Al-Masry Al-Youm.   Read More
El-Katatni promises parliament would compensate revolution casualties
Frontrunner for post of parliamentary speaker, Saad El-Katatni, identifies one of the coming parliament’s priorities as defending the rights of those injured and killed during the revolution   Read More
Mona Makram Ebeid: Al-Wafd neglects national unity to join Islamic current
Member of the Advisory Council, Mona Makram Ebeid, decided to leave Al-Wafd when the party abandoned its core principles of national unity and religious freedom and worked to join the Islamic current, particularly the Muslim Brotherhood (MB).   Read More
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Violent protests may extend Egypt army's predominance
Violent unrest by young Egyptians seeking a quick end toarmy rule could lead to a presidential election being held before mid-2012, as now planned, but even then the military is still expected to wield powerful influence over the nation.   Read More

Analysis: Egypt's Christians wary of too much foreign support
The Arab Spring has increased pressure on Egypt's Coptic Christians, with attacks on churches and bloody clashes with Muslims and the military. Many foreign Christians feel driven to help.   Read More

Analysis: Arab Spring stretches 'Islamist' tag to its limits
The open politics spawned by the Arab Spring have stretched the term "Islamist" to its limits, covering everyone from hip moderate young Muslims to long-bearded hardliners bent on imposing a divine dictatorship.   Read More

Analysis: Islamist poll win sets up tussle with Egyptian military
Egyptian voters are sweeping Islamists to a victory that sidelines liberals and sets up a struggle with army generals eager to keep their power despite the fall of Hosni Mubarak.   Read More

Analysis: Egyptian election sends shiver through Israel
Feeling vindicated but vulnerable, Israel is preparing for a more precarious future with neighbour Egypt where Islamist power appears to be a rising tide forecast by Israeli leaders at the beginning of Arab unrest 10 months ago.   Read More

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