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Monday, 23 January 2012
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‘‘Well done Field Marshall. But release all peaceful protesters tried & held by the military. The Path is long.....’’
ray gibbs
20:14 Coach Maqueda backtracks on Ittihad departure
18:45 Arab plan signals end of Assad era: Analysts
18:09 BREAKING: Brotherhood leader is speaker of Egypt's post-Mubarak parliament
17:43 Factbox: EU sanctions against Iran
17:36 Elections in May impossible, Palestinian official warns
16:11 Hamas lawmakers arrested at Red Cross in Jerusalem
16:09 Barcelona awaits Real Madrid in Copa del Rey
16:09 Iran's rial drops 10 pct as EU bans oil imports
15:23 ICC denies deal for Gaddafi son to be tried in Libya
15:04 Market Update: Egypt stocks up 2.4 pct at Monday close
14:34 South Sudan says Sudan seized oil worth $815 million
14:32 Squash: Shabana, El-Shorbagy bros reach JP Morgan quarterfinals
14:30 Tennis: Sharapova advances to Australian Open quarters
14:28 Nigerian police say four Boko Haram members killed
14:26 IMF chief calls for $500bn in additional financing
14:22 UAE central bank thwarts attempt to hack website
14:21 April 6 to parliament: Congratulations, time to work for those who chose you
14:10 'The Manufacturing of Lies,' to be screened on anniversary of Egypt revolution
14:09 EU agrees unprecedented oil embargo on Iran
14:08 Zamalek’s El-Merghani joins Beni Suef Telephones
13:47 Mourinho polarises Real fans before Cup clash
13:43 Gaza Salafists hail success of Egyptian 'brothers'
13:41 Egypt cigarette-maker sees profits soar a third in last 6 months
13:40 Report: Russia to deliver combat jets to Syria
13:40 Syrian-British filmmaker arrested: rights group
13:39 New release: Amal Donqol biography republished
13:15 BlackBerry maker co-CEOs step down on company's struggle to compete
13:13 UAE to pass new labour law
12:57 Palestinian police free woman held 9 years in bathroom
12:51 Tennis: Serena Williams out in 4th round at Aussie Open

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Egypt's revolution will achieve its goals: Brotherhood speaker of parliament
Muslim Brotherhood's El-Katatni becomes speaker of the parliament in the inaugural session of Egypt's first post-Mubarak parliament; brawls interrupt historic proceedings; protests surround People's Assembly
Chronicles of day 1 of Egypt's historic post-Mubarak People's Assembly
Egypt's post-Mubarak legislative life begins amid tension and divisions
April 6 to parliament: Congratulations, time to work for those who chose you
Tantawi names his 10 non-elected parliamentarians
Islamists win 70% of Egypt People's Assembly party list seats
PHOTO GALLERY: Opening session of People's Assembly met by protests in Cairo
Thousands of protesters descended on the historic meeting of the new parliament; demanded freedom of expression, rights for martyrs, jobs, social justice, and end to military trials for civilians
Chronicles of day 1 of Egypt's historic post-Mubarak People's Assembly
Egypt's newly elected People's Assembly got into gear; Brotherhood crowned in Parliament; protesters organised marches to voice their demands to MPs
Demonstrators greet historic Egypt parliament with unmet demands
Thousands march to the Islamist-dominated first post-Mubarak parliament pressing for unfulfilled demands of the January 25 revolution; others come in celebration and good faith
VIDEO: Brotherhood celebrate as historic parliament opens
Members of the Muslim Brotherhood celebrate as the first post-Mubarak parliament begins its first session; other groups descend on the People's Assembly calling for the MPs to realise the demands of the January 25 revolution
Mubarak trial adjourned, former interior minister claims innocence
Lawyer for defence claims to have evidence proving El-Adly's innocence, demands that court hear testimony from army chief-of-staff
Revolutionary's mystery murder prompts fears about activists' safety
Revolutionary activists fear for their safety following the inexplicable murder in downtown Cairo on Friday of veteran protester Mohamed Gamal El-Din
Tahrir Square: Where people make history
Tahrir Square became an icon of the 2011 revolution in the eyes of the world, but it has always been.....
On Disobedience
Five taboos that fell with Mubarak
Egypt's January 25 Revolution did more than topple a dictator - it broke several taboos that had kept.....
Decade of discontent: The road to Egypt's revolution
Last year's Tahrir Square uprising came as a surprise to many, but activists say it was at least 10 years.....
Quietly and without much media furore, the Doomsday Clock was just moved closer to catastrophe
Women who are at the heart of a new and emerging Egypt are absent from formal politics
American ruling on sharia may hold lessons for Egypt
Three Egyptians, four British and one Frenchman reach quarterfinals in world's most prestigious squash competition
Maria Sharapova is back into the quarterfinals of the Australian Open for the first time since she won the title at Melbourne Park in 2008
Zamalek's El-Merghani boosts Beni Suef Telephones midfield for six months on loan
Saleh’s ‘Walking on One Leg’ tries to uncover the social motivations that led Syrians to revolt
The Egyptian National Library and Archives houses the oldest collection of Egyptian heritage, yet is currently only serving as a storage facility
Publishers express relief at decision to hold fair on schedule after fears it could be delayed to avoid clashing with Egyptian Revolution anniversary
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Egypt's revolutionary tale unfolds daily in its street; these chants are a reminder of the maelstrom of events that unfolded following the January 25 uprising
Over the course of the first year of the January 25 revolution, some public squares have become symbols of revolution, while others have come to represent support for regime
A year after the revolution, Ahram Online looks at the Ultras — football fan groups in Egypt — and whether soon they might be motivated by more than mere hatred of the police
The Syrian regime turns Damascus into a military zone, establishing checkpoints in all its suburb
Syria's National Council to discredit Arab League findings in Syria, pushes for UN intervention
Yemeni parliament adopts a law giving President Ali Abdullah Saleh immunity from prosecution in return for stepping down under a Gulf-brokered transition deal, in the face of public outrage at the decree
People's Assembly opening and return to trading of Orascom Telecom stocks give the market a boost
New claims of corruption emerge against Egypt's interim prime minister, related to privatisation and wasting public money
New IMF loan would be 'odious' and illegitimate, says Egypt debt amnesty group
Group demanding the cancellation of country's $36 billion in international debts says the Egyptian people must make the decision on further borrowing
Football fans, Ultras of Egypt, have not only been on-the-ground key players in Egypt's political scene, but have even created their own pop culture since the revolution
The creators of the viral media in Egypt give their opinion on whether the flood of videos either satirising events or exposing truths in the country's revolution can be called 'art'
When the Egyptian artist Ganzeer called for international artists to support Egypt's revolution, Polish artists were among the first to rise to the graffiti challenge

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