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28 Nov 2010 - 09 Oct 2021
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Monday, 30 January 2012
Cairo 20-10
One year since protesters giddily snapped photos next to army tanks in Tahrir Square, calls now resound for ouster of Egypt's military rulers  
Blogger who criticised Egypt's ruling army speaks out after his 10 months behind bars, unrepentant in his beliefs

Prime minister to relocate office to Cabinet HQ on Tuesday after months of demos and sit-ins on Qasr Al-Aini Street

In the wake of a December crackdown on NGOs, including several American organisations, some American NGO workers are reportedly seeking shelter in their embassy

Lawyer for former interior minister says defendants - including ousted president - enjoy legal, constitutional right to fair trial

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Military chief says Egypt will remain 'strong, influential country,' claims those spreading rumours of military abuses 'don't understand' events

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