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Al Jazeera English

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Al Jazeera English Live
by AlJazeeraEnglish 5 months ago
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Al Jazeera English Live
Al Jazeera English Live
AlJazeera English Channel
May 11, 2011
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Tell us about China !
auiuiuify 1 hour ago
TheStarSiege 2 hours ago
Al Jazeera rules... 350 million video views for a news channel.... Unbeatable.
mwebish 3 hours ago
mpprevideos 4 hours ago
YOU AND QATAR ARE CORRUPT i used to be a fan of this.. and now i despise you! unsubscribe! YOU NEWS IS FALSE
itswannaaa 4 hours ago
your channel is shit and you have serious issues you need to address mentally
DocSnaxx 5 hours ago
Anonymous Release: cctv recording of drunk Ron Paul pissing in an alley and cursing at bodyguards - on my channel
nietzscheprime 5 hours ago
 Eustace Mullins
KOZOG1 6 hours ago
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KOZOG1 6 hours ago
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KOZOG1 6 hours ago
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KOZOG1 6 hours ago
Eustace Mullins
KOZOG1 6 hours ago
Awesome to have this live in Canada. Compared to other media venues...
RSPRATAS 7 hours ago
wow every time i watch aljazeera its all about the middle east... many accuse cnn and bbc for being western oriented but aljazeera is just arab new through and through! the ratio is too high!
legendbjaj 9 hours ago
people think it power but not so it money the more you have the more free speech you have and power you have
MsJack400 10 hours ago
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