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Feb 05, 2012
IRI Statement on Rumored Prosecution of Americans in Egypt
Today’s leaks from unnamed sources that Egypt will prosecute at least 40 people, reflects escalating attacks against international and Egyptian democracy organizations.  The continued assault is a politically motivated effort to squash Egypt’s growing civil society.
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In the News - February 9, 2012
The New York Times Looks at Egypt's Charges Against Pro-democracy Groups
In the News - February 9, 2012
NPR Looks at the Mission of IRI and NDI
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Reuters Looks at the Challenges IRI and NDI Face in Supporting Democracy
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Wall Street Journal Looks at Egypt's Attacks on IRI, NDI and Freedom House
In the News - February 8, 2012
The Washington Post Looks at the 'Architect of Egypt’s Crackdown' on NGOs, Abou el-Naga
In the News - February 8, 2012
Dallas Morning News: There is No Justification for Egypt to Prosecute Pro-democracy Workers
In the News - February 8, 2012
CNN Looks at the Crisis Egpyt's Attacks on NGOs has Caused
In the News - February 7, 2012
Washington Post: Egypt's 'Tense' Relationship with NGOs
In the News - February 6, 2012
Financial Times: Case Against Civil Society Groups Could Jeopardise U.S. Aid
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