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Saturday, 11 February 2012
Cairo 20-7
No time to change
Abdel Moneim Said

With state institutions — including the police — continually under pressure of demonstrations and protests, when are they supposed to find the time to reform?

January 25 revolution: Betrayed, hijacked, perpetual
Taha Abdel Alim

While the revolution appearing to be betrayed by the military and hijacked by the Muslim Brotherhood, it is perpetual as it is not yet completed and the only way forward is organised and ongoing political action

The Devil’s Advocate
Eva Dadrian

Ahram Online investigates the careers of Mubarak's defence lawyer Farid El-Deeb and the original 'Devil's Advocate' Jacques Vergès to understand why they 'defend the indefensible'

Parliament and revolution: Remembrance of things past
Mona Anis

What can history tell us about parliamentary elections held during periods of revolutionary upheaval?

US turning to the Brotherhood
Salah Al-Nasrawi

Washington and the Muslim Brotherhood are now talking to each other, but how much will this help promote democracy in post-revolution Egypt?

Egypt's women missing from formal politics
Hania Sholkamy

Women who are at the heart of a new and emerging Egypt are absent from formal politics

Sharia in Oklahoma
Abdel Moneim Said

American ruling on sharia may hold lessons for Egypt

A short critique of revolutionary comrades
Samer Soliman

The 1st anniversary of Egypt's revolution is a good opportunity for introspection and soul-searching by those who participated in it


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