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Source: Baghdad ISX
Mon / 13 February 2012
12/02/2012 15:44:00
Karbala (NINA) – MP Mohammed Al Da’mi from the White Iraqiya bloc ruled out discussing the cases of Vice President Tariq Al Hashimi and Deputy Prime Minister Salih Al Mutlag during the due National Conference for the political blocs’ leaders. In a   ... more>>
12/02/2012 14:33:00
Baghdad (NINA) – Chairman of the Iraqiya Slate at parliament, Salman Al Jumaili, said "the next meeting of the Preparatory Committee for the expanded meeting, will be held next Wednesday to come out with a unified political paper." He said, in a p   ... more>>
12/02/2012 13:55:00
Baghdad (NINA) – Finance Minister, Rafi’ Al Esawi, discussed with an American delegation, present by American Treasury Undersecretary, Neal Wolin, the economic and political status in Iraq and the region. A statement issued by the ministry said “t   ... more>>
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المواد الانشائية الحديثة0.91-11.11
AHliya For Insurance0.90.93-3.33
AL- Kindi of Veterinary Vaccines Drugs3.013.1-2.99
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Modern Sewing0.890.818.99
Modern Paint Industries2.722.536.99
Credit Bank Of Iraq3.53.364
Photo Gallery
13/02/2012 16:17:00
BREAKING NEWS…military leader of Fallujah Support, two of his guards killed by armed attack
13/02/2012 16:11:00
Bayati: IS paper violates the constitution, delays holding the Conference
13/02/2012 16:11:00
Arresting a gang specialized in robbery in Baghdad
13/02/2012 14:52:00
Jaafari, Iranian ambassador discuss issues on the Iraqi political arena
13/02/2012 14:43:00
Minister of Planning discusses with Tribal Sheikhs from Salahuddine the development status
13/02/2012 14:27:00
Higher Education Ministry: 3 colleges accepted in the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB)
13/02/2012 14:26:00
Nujeifi holds a meeting tomorrow with leaders of the Parliamentary blocs
13/02/2012 13:53:00
Police officer injured in Kirkuk .
13/02/2012 13:24:00
Alaa Makki:IS , Paper focused on activating the agreement of Arbil , al-Hashemi , al-Mutlaq issue.
13/02/2012 13:22:00
Maliki: Cabinet meeting held in Basra, a model of cooperation between the central government and provincial councils.
13/02/2012 13:21:00
An officer in the former army injured in Babel. Hilla / NINA/--An officer in the former army injured today by an armed attack occurred in Babel.
13/02/2012 13:18:00
al-Hashemi: IS, may reconsider decision of its Minstries and MPs resuming attending Cabinet and Parliament meetings.
13/02/2012 10:53:00
Parliamentary source: next Wednesday the last meeting of the Preparatory Committee for the national conference and there is no meeting with the three presidencies.
13/02/2012 10:38:00
A civilian wounded in his car in Diyala.
13/02/2012 10:36:00
Strike in the central prison of Amara results at of numerous cases of fainting.
13/02/2012 10:35:00
A civilian lost in Kurdistan, after murdering to others near Zakho.
13/02/2012 10:34:00
Barham Salih al-Jaafari discuss the most prominent issues in the political arena.
13/02/2012 08:52:00
Zebari meet a number of his Arab counterparts in Cairo conferring about the upcoming Arab Summit in Baghdad.
12/02/2012 21:53:00
Damalouji: Maliki’s provocative language reflects challenge to the Constitution, principles of harmony, spirit of partnership
12/02/2012 21:17:00
Bayzeed Hassan: Oil Ministry’s threats to Exxon Mobil do not serve the political process
12/02/2012 21:04:00
Iyad al-Samarae stressed the necessity to speed up holding National Meeting
12/02/2012 20:20:00
Hakeem calls for more authorities to provincial councils
12/02/2012 18:36:00
Source: cabinet session held in Basra tomorrow
12/02/2012 17:43:00
Labor Ministry discusses with the Japanese Agency for International Cooperation supporting vocational training centers
12/02/2012 17:11:00
Wardi: the IS would focus on Erbil agreement, security ministries during the National Conference
12/02/2012 17:10:00
South Korean companies delegation visits Anbar
12/02/2012 16:26:00
Parliamentary source unveils reasons for IS approval of not including Hashimi’s, Mutlag’s cases in the national Conference
12/02/2012 16:26:00
Police: arresting 7 wanted, finding weapons and explosives cache in Diyala
12/02/2012 15:44:00
Da’mi rules out discussion of Hashimi’s, Mutlag’s cases in the National Conference
12/02/2012 14:33:00
House of police deputy chief in Kirkuk fired at
12/02/2012 14:33:00
Jumaili: next meeting of the Preparatory Committee will come out with unified political paper
12/02/2012 13:55:00
Three wanted arrested with car bomb in their possession in Mosul
12/02/2012 13:55:00
Finance minister discusses with American Delegation economic status of Iraq
12/02/2012 13:20:00
Iraqi ports receives (Baghdad) ship soon
12/02/2012 12:56:00
Explosion near Sadeer Hotel in Bghdad
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