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Secure Swiss
business email hosting
A Swiss-based secure email service. Swissmail.org is a business email hosting provider with
anti-spam and virus protection, business webmail and IMAP(POP3) access for personal and business email.
The service is located in Switzerland, free of advertising and designed to deliver secure business communication at reasonable costs.
Enhance your company with a business email solution or just open a personal email account with a reliable address. [more...]

Breaking news: swissmail.org takeover by iway [more...]

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Other services provided:
swissmail.org offers a global email hosting service solution. The swissmail.org email service is not free of charge, but free of advertising and focuses on companies and business people whose strategy includes the use of email as a new and efficient form of communication.
Core functions such as IMAP/POP3 access, webmail, spam filter and antivirus protection, and SMS (mobile) support are included in the service, as is a sophisticated email management system to preprocess incoming emails fully automatically.
All swissmail customers are able to exchange emails encrypted with no extra effort. This makes our email hosting service an ideal email outsourcing solution for companies with increased security requirements. This option is especially interesting since Secure Email Access is available for the entry-level Basic Account as well.
Because the service is entirely Internet-based, customers are not only able to access their emails worldwide using webmail, but also to change the forwarding options and other settings while travelling.This is the way that swissmail.org meets the growing requirement for provider-independent email addresses.
The offering is supplemented by virtual email server and web hosting services, making it possible for customers to have their entire Internet presence (email and website) under their own domain name.
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