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7 March 2012
European Bank for Development Encourages Egypt to Pursue its Pre-Revolution Privatization Schemes
The European Bank for Development and Reconstruction issues a strategy for Egypt that does not include human development as a goal
6 March 2012
After 10 Years of Detention Without Trial: Egyptian Government Fails to Assist Last Egyptian in Guantanamo
The Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights (EIPR) today urged the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, the Egyptian government and the People’s Assembly to take all immediate measures to demand that the American government release Egyptian national Tarek Mahmoud Ahmed El-Sawah, who has been detained without trial for over ten years at Guantanamo.
2 March 2012
Egyptian NGOs Slam Infamous Relations Between Multinational Communication Companies and Interior Ministry at a UN Panel on Internet Freedom
In a Panel on Freedom of Expression on the Internet, the Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies (CIHRS) in cooperation with the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights (EIPR) delivered an oral statement before the 19th session of the Geneva-based UN Human Rights Council currently in session. A high-level list of panelists composed of UN and state officials, and heads of multi-telecommunications companies took the floor.
16 February 2012
Sign the Petition| Abrogate Laws and Regulations Allowing the Use of Firearms Against Protesters
The Egyptian Police Law, as well as Ministry of Interior decrees, allow the police to use firearms, including live ammunition, to disperse demonstrations and gatherings composed of 5 people or more, even if demonstrators are peaceful as long as the police considers that they constitute a threat to public security.
14 February 2012
Egyptian Authorities Repeal Death Sentences for 2004 Taba Bombing Suspects - After Trials by Special Courts Found to Violate Basic Rights
Egypt Must Prevent Torture and Ensure Fair Trials Says Decision Endorsed by African Union
12 February 2012
Crimes in Al-Amiriya: Collective Punishment of Copts and Official Sanction for Sectarian Attacks
The Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights today issued the findings of its investigation into the sectarian attacks on Copts in the village of Sharbat, located in the Amiriya district of the governorate of Alexandria, in late January.
2 February 2012
Witness Accounts Around the Port Said Tragedy
In the aftermath of the bloody events which took place in Port Said on Wednesday 1 February 2012, the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights (EIPR) sent a fact-finding mission to the city. The mission reached Port Said before midnight on Wednesday and immediately began interviewing witnesses. The EIPR publishes some of their testimonies:
30 January 2012
EIPR Urges People’s Assembly to Immediately Vote to End the State of Emergency
In a letter Sent to MPs and Parliamentary Bodies: Field Marshal Tantawi’s Declaration Excepting Crimes of Thuggery is a Perpetuation of the Repressive Practices of the Mubarak State
16 January 2012
Will the Court of Administrative Justice Stop the Killing of Demonstrators?
On Tuesday, 17 January, the Court of Administrative Justice in Cairo will hear a case filed to suspend and abolish the Interior Minister decree permitting the use of firearms and live ammunition to disperse demonstrations and sit-ins (Decree 156/1964). The case (no 9544/66JY) was filed by activists Fatima Abed and Malek Mustafa, the latter of whom was hit with a rubber bullet in his right eye on 19 November 2011, inflicting a permanent loss of vision.
4 January 2012
The Interior Minister Must Immediately Retract the ‘Shoot to Kill Bonuses’ Decision... The Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights: The Policies of the New Minister Violate Police Law and Open the Gates of Hell
The Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights (EIPR) condemned the new policy of the Interior Minister that gives police officers a shoot to kill license, and offers bonuses to police officers who shoot and kill 'thugs'.
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