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18 Dec 2009 - 20 Mar 2013
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Date: 01/22/2009Duration: 4:57
Language: English
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Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported
Palestinian flag amonsgt the rubble
Rubble and debris of homes
Street scenes gaza
Men standing outside the Arafat compound
'Abu Hatel' shows the HQ of the security services
Men clearing the debris from the attacked building
A wide shot of the first rocket attack
Empty chairs inside the building
Abu Hatel, police officer: this was not a training area for Hamas alone. It is for all who say I am Palestinian. It does not belong to Hamas.
Any one who is Palestinian had the right to train here, this is a police compound. Israel claims it was for training fighters, but we are used to all of the Israeli lies.
Men searching through the debris of the attacks
SOT Abu Hatel: Israel made a mistake here if they thought Hamas would disappear, or be pushed away. No, now we are all truly united.
Police guiding traffic on the streets of Gaza
Electricians repaing the power lines
GVS markets spices
Civilians shopping in the markets
SOT Abu Yasser Hemdona, spice merchant: This war was not just against Hamas…it was one prepared long ago before any truce. They just want to force Palestinians to their knees because they see all of us as the enemy.
This war has made all Palestinians more united. And you know Hamas has gained popular support. There were many like me who opposed Hamas in the past but now may be prepared to support it.
Wideshot of familes sitting amongst the rubble of their homes
Shawqi Raimal Salem: As for the occupation, as Palestinians we accepted to live in Gaza and the West Bank without occupation. This is a strong decision to forget your land. But the Israelis do not accept this. Even to give them eighty percent of our land they will not accept this.
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