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How to guides: I find words difficult
These guides explain ways to change how your computer or web browser operates, to make things easier for people who have difficulty with words.
Change your fonts
How to change the font settings in your operating system or web browser to make text easier to read.
Check your spelling and grammar
How to operate spell-checking software in commonly used programmes.
Make your computer speak text aloud
How to turn on and customise your computer's text-to-speech features.
Make your text larger
How to change the settings in your operating system or web browser to increase the text size, making it easier to see.
Overview: Dictionary and thesaurus software
How you can use dictionary and thesaurus software to help you spell better.
Overview: Smart word prediction
An overview of software that helps you type less.
Overview: Symbol browsers
An overview of software that helps people with learning disabilities use the web.
Use voice recognition
How to set up and customise the speech-recognition feature on your operating system.
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Factsheets and useful links
Dyslexia and computing
This factsheet covers a range of ideas that may help people overcome difficulties with writing and spelling.
Factsheet in PDF format | Factsheet in text format
Useful links
Resources available on the internet that give more information about help with language and reading.
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Did you know?
You can make your computer talk to you in a number of different ways
Overview: Screenreaders and talking browsers
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