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11 Feb 2007 - 8 Sep 2015
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The American Scholar: The Truth About Campus Cheating
Tomasky Moderates Discussion with Economist Daron Acemoglu
Democracy: A Journal of Ideas: On March 23, Democracy editor Michael Tomasky will moderate a discussion with distinguished economist Daron Acemoglu at the Center for American Progress.
Tomasky Hosts C-SPAN’s “After Words”
C-SPAN: On March 17, Democracy editor Michael Tomasky appeared on C-SPAN’s “After Words” to interview author Linda Killian on her new book, The Swing Vote.
As Seen in Democracy: iGov in Politico
Politico: iGov, Ethan Porter and David Kendall’s latest Democracy brainchild, was featured on the front page of Politico’s website on March 12. Porter and Kendall’s editorial, “Explaining government’s role,” outlines the argument from their feature essay in our Spring 2012 issue, “Introducing iGov.”

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