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Student Focuses Lens on Illegal Dumping
by VOAvideo 2 hours ago
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Student Focuses Lens on Illegal Dumping
VOAvideo 35 views 2 hours ago
Discovering and documenting illegal dumpsites is part of Olivier Giron's academic study, while cleaning them up is his passion. VOA's Faiza Elmasry reports.
Social Media Drives Publicity in Trayvon Martin Case
VOAvideo 157 views 17 hours ago
The shooting death in Florida earlier this year of an unarmed African-American teenager, Trayvon Martin, by a white, Hispanic neighborhood crime watch volunteer, George Zim...
Multiplayer Computer Games are Big Business for Small Devices
VOAvideo 88 views 20 hours ago
Millions of people are addicted to playing games on mobile devices, with rivals and teammates spread around the world. A company in Austin, Texas has developed such a game...
Mystery Death in China Prompts British Demands for Investigation
VOAvideo 69 views 21 hours ago
The death of British businessman Neil Heywood in the Chinese city of Chongqing has caused Beijing's biggest political scandal in years. The mystery surrounding the case has...
Obama, Kimmel Keep White House Correspondents Dinner Full of Laughs
VOAvideo 295 views 1 day ago
Hollywood celebrities aren't usually seen mingling with Washington's elite, but Saturday night was an exception that comes once a year. VOA's Carla Babb has more.
Chongqing Residents Confront Fallen Leader's Mixed Legacy
VOAvideo 383 views 2 days ago
As investigators in Beijing continue to make their case against Bo Xilai, the disgraced politician leaves a legacy in Chongqing of tackling high-profile issues like crime a...
Zimbabwean Diaspora Fears Mugabe May Steal Another Election
VOAvideo 167 views 2 days ago
Despite outside pressure, Zimbabwean activists and analysts fear long-time President Robert Mugabe is trying to get away with stealing another election. Activists say they...
Italy's New 'Bullet Train' Aims at Shaking Up Euro Travel
VOAvideo 378 views 3 days ago
Italy will launch Europe's first private high-speed train service Saturday, as the country moves towards a more liberal economy. The move could lead other European countri...
Festival Promotes Science as Fun Frontier
VOAvideo 160 views 3 days ago
Educators in the United States are trying to make science, technology, engineering and math more appealing to students. Organizers of the USA Science and Engineering Festi...
Year Later, Bin Laden Killing Still Colors Pakistan-US Ties
VOAvideo 242 views 3 days ago
One year ago, one of the most expensive manhunts in history ended when U.S. forces killed Osama bin Laden in Pakistan. The secret U.S. raid and the exposure of bin Laden's ...
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