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29 Jan 2011 - 20 Mar 2013
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30 Jan, 2009
GVS of Gaza. People walking on the...
19 Jan, 2009
Man picking up left overs from the...
22 Jan, 2009
Palestinian flag amonsgt the rubble...
20 Jan, 2009
A child running in the barren orchards...
19 Jan, 2009
Azbat Abed Rabuh area – Northern Gaza...
18 Jan, 2009
High angel shot of damage on Zaiton...
02 Jan, 2009
Empty streets of Gaza at night (from...
11 Jan, 2009
The use of white phosphorus in weapons...
15 Jan, 2009
Various shots of people taking cover...
13 Jan, 2009
Ahmed Samouni, 16 year old boy,...
09 Jan, 2009
People gathering for prayer. Friday...
01 Jan, 2009
Various of Palestinians women and men...
09 Jan, 2009
Close shot of a dead girls face....
11 Jan, 2009
Wide shot of the sea with an Israeli...
02 Jan, 2009
Six year old Aseel in home with mother...
08 Jan, 2009
Various shots of casualities arriving
07 Jan, 2009
Sound bite to old woman crying....
07 Jan, 2009
Refugees living in bad conditions....
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