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12 Jun 2008 - 05 May 2021
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Frequently Asked Questions
About YouTube
YouTube's business and monetization
YouTube's partners
YouTube content management (copyright) and controversial content
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About YouTube
Who founded YouTube and when was it founded?
What is YouTube's vision?
How many videos are on YouTube?
How many users does YouTube have?
Your infrastructure costs must be enormous. How can you afford to pay your rent?
How many channels have been created on YouTube?
What's the most viewed video of all time?
What's the most subscribed channel of all time?
Does YouTube have movies or TV shows?
Is YouTube available to viewers worldwide? Which countries can access YouTube? Which can't?
Why can't I upload videos longer than 15 minutes?
Can YouTube give me permission as a broadcaster to use a video in a television or movie broadcast?
How does YouTube count views?
Why are some YouTube videos unavailable on my phone/IPTV, etc.?
Why is youtube.com sometimes unavailable?
Can users download YouTube videos?
There's a site disguising itself as YouTube asking users to download a plugin to watch videos. When users download the video their computers are infected with malware. What's YouTube doing to prevent this?
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YouTube Partners
Who are YouTube partners, and how are they different from YouTube users?
How do you become a partner?
What's an individual video partner?
How do YouTube partners make money?
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YouTube's Business
Is YouTube profitable?
How does YouTube make money?
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Content Management
How does YouTube deal with copyrighted content posted to the site?
I can still find copyrighted videos on YouTube. Does that mean the system is broken?
Why was "X" video removed? Aren't you just censoring content?
Does YouTube have any rules?
Are YouTube's rules the same in every country or are they different?
I discovered a video that I think is offensive, how do I get YouTube to remove it?
Why can't my country access a certain video, or YouTube.com?
What is your stance on the Viacom lawsuit?
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