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18 Mar 2012 - 17 Nov 2012
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US Elections 2012
by Al Jazeera English
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  1. 12:12 Romney's $10,000 bet fuels out of touch image by AlJazeeraEnglish​6,190 views
  2. 22:14 Romney fires back at Republican rivals by AlJazeeraEnglish 4,265 views
  3. 31:01 How the Iowa Caucus works by AlJazeeraEnglish 3,370 views
  4. 42:09 Republican US presidential candidates hold debate by AlJazeeraEnglish 7,242 views
  5. 52:05 Gingrich targeted by Republican rivals by AlJazeeraEnglish 3,032 views
  6. 62:28 Republicans to vote in Iowa Caucus by AlJazeeraEnglish 2,293 views
  7. 7
    1:57 US candidates quick to maul leading Romney by AlJazeeraEnglish​2,265 views
  8. 82:21 Republicans gear up for Iowa caucus by AlJazeeraEnglish 2,122 views
  9. 91:48 Romney surges in run-up to Florida primary by AlJazeeraEnglish 2,171 views
  10. 102:09 Romney bags Iowa in tight finish by AlJazeeraEnglish 1,848 views
  11. 114:19 Republicans gear up to take on Obama by AlJazeeraEnglish 1,745 views
  12. 122:28 No unity among Iowa Republicans by AlJazeeraEnglish 1,549 views
  13. 132:17 Many Iowa voters remain undecided by AlJazeeraEnglish 1,310 views
  14. 144:31 Kimberly Halkett reports from the Iowa polls by AlJazeeraEnglish 1,105 views
  15. 153:15 Virginia prepares for 'Super Tuesday' by AlJazeeraEnglish 1,136 views
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