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21 May 2011 - 03 Jun 2021
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Bahrain Live Blog
Bahrain has hosted the Formula One Grand Prix amid widespread protests by its Shia community [Reuters]
One year after the pro-democracy uprising began on February 14, protests against the ruling al-Khalifa monarchy continue across Bahrain. 
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5 hours 33 min ago - Bahrain
Al Jazeera has recieved photos of Salah Habib's death certificate as well as his body in what appears to be a post-autopsy state. The latter photo is too disturbing to post, but Habib's body seems to have sustained gun shots and possibly burns. The photos were sent ba the Wefaq part.
Tags protest, violence
6 hours 15 min ago - Bahrain
Tags Funeral, protest, violence
6 hours 49 min ago - Bahrain
While we wait for more information from our special correspondent in Bahrain, we'll see what the AFP is reporting:
Protesters taking part in the funeral in  Bahrain of a man allegedly shot dead by security forces clashed with police on  Monday in the Shia village of Bilad al-Qadim, witnesses told AFP.
'Hundreds' took part in the funeral of 36-year-old Salah Abbas Habib who was found dead in a Shiia village on Saturday, after the opposition said  police 'brutally' dispersed a protest there, witnesses said.
Tags protest, violence
7 hours 15 min ago - Bahrain
Large crowds gathered for the funeral of the protester Salah Habib,  who was found dead on Saturday. Our correspondent in Manama said security forces unleashed teargas and sound grenades on the funeral march:
"His body was found Saturday morning on a route in a village called Shakura...I attended his funeral as well and I saw his body being prepared for burial. It looked like it had shotgun wounds to the side of it."
He said the crowds were huge and emotional.
Tags protest, violence
11 hours 13 min ago - Bahrain
Bahrain said on Monday it is probing a deported British TV crew's allegations their driver was assaulted as the journalists covered protests surrounding the kingdom's Formula One race at the weekend.
In a message posted on micro-blogging website Twitter, the interior ministry said: "investigation launched into allegations by deported UK journalists about attack on driver".
Tags Channel 4, Formula 1, Jonathan Miller, Shia protests
11 hours 22 min ago - Bahrain
Bahrain's highest appeals court on Monday postponed for a week the final verdict in the case of 21 democracy activists convicted of plotting to overthrow the kingdom's rulers.
The court set the next hearing for April 30 amid claims by the family of hunger striker Abdulhadi al-Khawaja that his health is in sharp decline nearly 11 weeks into his protest.
Bahrain officials insist al-Khawaja faces no immediate medical risks.
On Sunday, a representative from Bahrain's public prosecution said Khawaja's doctors assured him that the Shia activist "is in good and stable health and is getting all necessary medical care".
The postponement came amid escalating tensions in the Sunni-ruled kingdom after a week of near-daily anti-government protests that coincided with Sunday's controversial Formula One Grand Prix race.
Witnesses said the courthouse was cordoned off by security forces as the postponement was announced in an effort by the government to prevent a planned protest by the largest Shia opposition group, Al-Wefaq.
Tags Abdulhadi al Khawaja, Formula One, Shia protests
17 hours 36 min ago - Bahrain
A team of journalists for Britain's Channel 4 News was released on Sunday after being detained while covering Bahrain's Grand Prix race, which went ahead after a week of angry protests away from the track, AFP news agency reported.
Foreign affairs correspondent Jonathan Miller wrote on microblogging site Twitter that he and his crew had been released and were being deported, but that his Bahraini driver and an activist who was travelling with them were still being held.
Security forces told the Channel 4 team that the pair would be released soon.
Miller and his team were arrested while reporting from a village in Bahrain after the race, a Channel 4 News spokesman said.
Tags Formula One, Jonathan Miller, Shia protests
1 day 3 hours ago - Bahrain
Al Jazeera's special correspondent in Bahrain, who cannot be named for security reasons, reports that the situation in the villages outside Manama "is already shaping up to be a tense night"on the evening following the Bahrain Grand Prix.
Our correspondent also reports on a press conference organised by the al Wefaq party with the family of Salah Abbas Habib, the protester whose body had been found on a rooftop on the eve of the race.
Tags Formula 1, Formula One, Grand Prix, Salah Abbas Habib
1 day 3 hours ago - Bahrain
London-based  British-Kurdish writer, Ruwadya Mustafah, says opposition activist Ala'a Shehabi was arrested this afternoon for "showing journalists around" in Bahrain.
A Bahraini blogger tweets that there have been shootings in the villages outside the capital, Manama.
My friend @alaashehabi has been arrested in Bahrain earlier today, reportedly for showing journalists around. No word from her yet!
Sun Apr 22 19:17:14 2012
#F1 event finished but shooting still going in villages , hope media will pay more attention to Human rights violation in #Bahrain
Sun Apr 22 19:12:03 2012
Tags Formula 1, Formula One, Grand Prix
1 day 4 hours ago - Bahrain
Amy Lawson, head of communication for ITN's Channel 4 News, has reported that a news team from the British broadcaster has arrested in Bahrain.
Ben De Pear, Head of foreign news at Channel 4, has tweeted that the Channel 4 team was surrounded by masked men when their driver was taken away separately.
A Channel 4 News team has been arrested in Bahrain. We have been in contact with them & are v concerned for the welfare of their driver(1/2)
Sun Apr 22 18:31:24 2012
he was assaulted and separated from the group. we are working with the authorities. interview with Jonathan Miller on our website soon (2/2)
Sun Apr 22 18:32:43 2012
Can confirm Jonathan Miller&team; arrested in Bahrain.We're in contact with them, and v concerned for the safety of their driver.Will update
Sun Apr 22 18:37:35 2012
Tags Formula 1, Formula One, Grand Prix
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