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Thursday, 03 May 2012
Cairo 31-17

Designer of popular patriotic bracelets reveals new collection with a new inspiration

In anger from the Alexandria church bombing last year, Zeina Hosni created unity bracelets with a cross and moon symbols; her new collection to be revealed 30 April is just as personal, centred on horses
Toilet 'taboo' hurts poor, development says expert
Governments of poor countries fail to improve access to toilets because of the tasteless nature of the issue, says director at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Designer Louboutin hits back in red sole lawsuit
The signature red soles of high, sexy heels made Louboutin's distinguishable anywhere until YSL and other designers picked up the trend; Louboutin defends his argument before the case goes to trial
Phase I: Checkmark!
New look, upgrades and more interactivity are in store for Ahram Online's Life & Style section
Women overestimate effectiveness of Pill, condoms
Many women may think birth control pills and condoms are better at pregnancy prevention than they actually are, a new study suggests
In pursuit of finer things, men finding fashion
Of course the saying men are from Mars and women are from Venus even applies to shopping, but fashion sector insiders reveal some quirky new habits men are picking up in fashion
High salt intake linked to higher stroke risk
Older adults with salty diets may have an increased risk of suffering a stroke, a new study suggests
Health: Botox ingredient has limited effect on headaches: study
The main ingredient in Botox may be modestly helpful for people with chronic migraines, a new report suggests, but the wrinkle treatment doesn't seem to offer much relief for those whose headaches are less frequent
Lady Gaga's new tour costumes unveiled
The diva, Lady Gaga, has four of her costumes already laid out and revealed
Unique trend in trousers for 2012
Shopping for trousers, but tired of the same old boring options? Well, try a unique, subtle and totally in-step variation for 2012

Do it like an Italian
Can you imagine walking down the streets of Milan and fitting right in? Ahram Online looks at some of the quintessential Italian fashion standards reflected in what went down the runway for this year

Fashion legends intertwine: Sex and the City, Manolo and Bebe
Manolo Blahnik, who became a household name in shoes after a scene in Sex and the City, releases a collection for Bebe and Sarah Jessica Parker!

International Fashion Weeks in March / April 2012
A long list of international fashion weeks in March and April, who take their inspiration from the big splashes made in January in New York, Paris and Milan runways

Manly fashion dies in the dust: How to not go too girly
Men's fashion is adding flairs of feminine: So what is too far?

Seeds of Hope promotes going green in Cairo suburbs
Planting 150 trees marked the collaboration of three entities to promote urban farming as a tool for healthy living in Cairo, an overflowing city known to be very polluted

The art of relieving stress
Ahram Online probes the link between stress and disease - and ways to relieve the burden

New hope for age-related vision loss
Early detection and new treatments can help save thousands from blindness. Ahram Online sheds light on the latest research into age-related vision loss

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Authentic Surprise: Bamboo Asian restaurant in Alexandria
Alexandria is not known as the land of choices when it comes to food, but on a tiny street in the centre is a small rest stop for the soul: good (authentic) food, good price and good company at Bamboo Asian restaurant

Chef competition in Hurghada kicks off Monday
The best Egyptian chefs will participate in a culinary competition slated for Monday, 26 March, in the Movenpick Resort in Hurghada

Congratulations to Egypt's Culinary Training Centres' first class!
The school for chefs with big aspirations in Egypt, the Culinary Training Centre, sees it's first semester completed

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