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29 Nov 2010 - 22 Apr 2022
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Thursday, 03 May 2012
Cairo 32-20
At least 4 students are reportedly killed and 50 arrested after Syrian regime forces raid student dorms of Aleppo University after large student demonstrations Wednesday  
Lawmakers in Kuwait impose death penalty for blasphemy, citing a need to curtail the increase of the incident and to 'deter' it

Trial for fugitive Iraqi VP Tarek al-Hashemi is postponed to 10 May pending court's decision over request for a special tribunal

Nothing new to push forward reconciliation talks after Fatah, Hamas meeting in Cairo as reservations held by both sides remain despite Doha declaration

Ahead of early elections, poll shows Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu is likely to be re-elected

Jordan's King Abdullah II swears in new "government of reform" to oversee legislative polls as political forces criticize draft elections law

In a televised presidential candidate debate, French president Nicolas Sarkozy's performance cements doubts he has a slim chance for re-election
In Mali's recently declared independent north, Islamists try to impose their version of Islamic law in major towns and cities while residents complain of strict rules
Chinese activist Chen Guangcheng left the US embassy on Wednesday, where he had sought protection after fleeing house arrest, following a deal with Beijing on his safety, US officials said

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