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Thursday, 03 May 2012
Cairo 32-20
Youssef Rakha

At about five am this morning (2 May),I woke up to news of people being murdered in and around the site of the Abbassiya (Ministry of Defence) sit-in (#MOF on Twitter, ongoing since late Friday, 27 April)

Great walls of Cairo: The politics of segregation
Mona Abaza

In recent months, the military and police have erected walls throughout downtown Cairo, zoning and barricading the city in a tactic reminiscent of Israel's hated separation wall

Whatever happened to the Egyptian presidential candidates?
Samer Soliman

Egyptians are suffering a dearth of inspiring presidential candidates due to decades of political decay and corruption - we must be patient until we get the politicians we deserve

The motives and consequences of legislative intrusion
Nader Fergany

Egypt's ruling SCAF has been meddling in the legislative process since January - and parliament isn't doing enough to stop it

Ahmed Ben Bella: Rare hero, unique inspiration
Curtis Doebbler

Africa was the continent of the future for Ahmed Ben Bella, one of its greatest liberation leaders who died Wednesday at 95

Why would many Egyptians want to vote for Omar Suleiman
Bassem Sabry

The "Arab Citizen" analyses the disappointment that has led to a significant portion of the Egyptian population willingly promoting Omar Suleiman for the presidency

Sudan still at the crossroads
Eva Dadrian

Recurrent violence around the border between Sudan and South Sudan, along with unresolved issues around oil, border demarcation and citizenship, leaves greater Sudan on the brink of a new war

Ethics in politics
Taha Abdel Alim

Does the end really justify the means? Islamic and Egyptian history offers lessons evidently not being learned


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