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28 Nov 2010 - 13 Jan 2022
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Thursday, 03 May 2012
Cairo 32-20
Presidential candidates and political party reps - along with a host of average Egyptians - march on defence ministry to reinforce sit-in  
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FJP leader and parliament speaker El-Katatni says that those responsible for yesterdays violent clashes in Abbasiya will be held responsible, blaming authorities for failing to protect protesters

Salafist Nour Party spokesman clarifies reasons behind seeming political divergences between Egypt's two most formidable Islamist parties

In the wake of deadly clashes outside SCAF headquarters in Abbasiya, political forces vow to pressure the ruling military council transfer power on schedule

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Violent clashes outside defence ministry in Abbasiya lead to boycott of meeting with military junta by Muslim Brotherhood, Salafist Nour Party and others

Presidential campaigns suspended, political forces call for end to Abbasiya clashes that have killed 9 since early Wednesday, condemn failure to protect peaceful protesters outside defence ministry

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