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Treasury Services
anb Treasury is built on the premise to be customer-focused by extending its products and services to the Bank’s clients and has been successful in creating a high quality suite of investment products. The set up at the Treasury Group is designed to meet and serve the needs of customers in line with the growing sophistication of international financial market. In its pursuit to offer the entire gamut of services, ANB Treasury seeks to provide efficient services at competitive prices
As Financial Solutions Provider
Our commitment to building a sophisticated platform for financial products and services has enabled us to offer a wide range of solutions to customers. This, in turn, has translated into greater confidence and reliance on anb’s structuring capabilities and resulted in winning transactions that have exceeded client expectations. [ Read More...]
anb E-Trader
anb has recently launched its E-trader services, and is pleased to offer full range web-based services, where customers can trade (on margin) currencies, precious metals, equities, commodities and indices using a variety of trading instruments such as options, futures, etc. [ Read More ... ]
As a Product Provider
anb’s Treasury offers the Bank’s customers a wide gamut of products and services – from the generic, such as deposits, foreign exchange trading, interest rate and commodity hedging products – to the exotic including options and futures based structured products and Asset Backed solutions. [ Read More... ]
As a Proprietary Investor
A clear leader in efficiently deploying the Bank’s own funds, anb Treasury has established a creditable track record of strong performance without sacrificing the inherent need to manage the risks underlying asset classes. The portfolio has both direct exposures and accesses different markets using external managers. [ Read More... ]
As Market Maker
anb is a major participant in the local inter-bank market, playing an active role in market making activities in the SAR money market and has also been active in trading and structuring off-balance sheet products. [ Read More... ]
All these developments have contributed to the overall growth of Treasury business. Going forward, the country’s strong economy, coupled with developments in the capital markets, gives us an opportunity to further expand activities into broader areas of the market.
We will provide the latest financial engineering solutions to our customers, ensuring the most efficient allocation of resources to help them manage their exposures in the financial markets. The Bank will also channel its efforts into delivering innovative business opportunities - such as exploring new markets and capturing their potential benefits.
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