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13 Mar 2011 - 24 Nov 2021
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Chart FAQ
How do I see prices on the charts instead of percentages?
Why can't I save My Favorite Charts in Basic Charts anymore?
Why is there a red mark on only some news links and not on others?
The emailed chart doesn't display a chart, all I receive are the ads and quotes, what's happened?
How do I cancel the service that sends me emailed charts?
Sometimes I get a quote with no chart, all I see is a blank box, what's happened?
Where can I find what all the indicators mean?
What does EMA and SMA stand for?
How do I add 50- and 200-day moving averages to my chart?
How are Canadian symbols charted on BigCharts?
How does BigCharts take currency exchange rates into account when comparing symbols from different countries?
What symbols do I use to find major market indexes?
How can I find my mutual fund or stock?
Why can't I find an historical quote before 1985?
How can I display more than one lower indicator?
When I see a flat line in an intraday chart, what is that telling me?
How can you display an indicator when there isn't enough data available?
Are intraday charts split adjusted?
Favorite Charts FAQ
Industry FAQ
General FAQ
Quote FAQ
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